Why a Microcredential?

In a society that is constantly changing, we sometimes find ourselves falling behind, or becoming dispensable at our jobs. Not having job stability in times like these is scary enough, but if you have nothing to make you stand out, finding a new job is just as daunting. One way to make your CV stand out is through a micro-credential. A micro-credential is a certification style qualification that individuals choose to study to improve a skill found in a particular industry area. Micro-credentials are attractive because they can be flexible, portable, and cost-effective.

What are the pros of getting a micro-credential?

Every micro-credential takes places entirely online, meaning you can earn a professional accredited credential without ever stepping foot on campus. This is great for people looking to further their education while they work. They’re also ideal for people with not a lot of time in general, as most micro-credentials only take around two months each. The courses are also often written by industry experts and as a result, are quite prestigious.

There are so many other benefits to choosing a micro-credential as well. Are you thinking of going back to University? Well, a micro-credential gives you a university-level taste of the course and credit. If it turns out it’s right for you, you can go and do the full university course. In many cases, the university accepts the micro-credential credit and pushes you forwards to finishing your degree.

At other times, signing up for a degree also means signing up for student debt. Even if you drop out after only 1 year, the debt owed is often substantial. On the other hand, the debt also makes students feel obliged to finish their courses, sinking into even more debt. A micro-credential allows you to get started without sinking you financially.

You also can use micro-credentials to get a better idea of what it’s like to learn at specific universities. It can help people make decisions on where to study and even get a taste of serious, online learning.

The 5 kinds of people a micro-credential works well for

Micro-credentials are designed with employment in mind. They are designed to give you job-ready skills with the confidence that you’re being taught at university level. And the flexibility allows you to tailor your courses around your life commitments and circumstances. Because of this, there are several kinds of people that a micro-credential are ideal for. Below are 5.

  1. Recent Graduates 

Often recent graduates find themselves competing with many other people for the few jobs available post-graduations. A great way to make sure your CV stands out of the pile is by having a micro-credential. This shows the employers you take initiative, have extra experience in specific areas and know the importance of ongoing learning.

  1. People Beginning their Careers       

For the same reason as graduates, micro-credentials also benefit people in starting their yhu09pocareers. Having a micro-credential makes you more attractive to potential employers as it shows you have skills in specialized areas that they might be looking for.

  1. Career switchers 

According to the Career-Change statistics, the average person will change careers 5-7 times in their lifetime.  Every time this happens, you’re faced with the same issues. You don’t have the required experience, or you have to start out in low paying positions. Getting a micro-credential that applies to your new career could help you gain crucial knowledge for your new job and prevent you from being taken as a complete beginner.

  1. People chasing a promotion

If you’re chasing a promotion at work and want to show your boss how badly you want it. Getting a micro-credentials show initiative, advanced skills, and hard work. It shows you’ve made the time to continue your learning, are trying to get better at your trade and put the work in. All of these are leadership qualities.

  1. People looking to stay relevant 

Jobs are always changing, and different industries are always growing. Sometimes jobs that required a person to do them can be phased out. One way to stay indispensable is to have specialist knowledge of specific areas of your industry. This is something a micro-credential can give you. The more specialised you are the more valuable to a company you can be.

A Micro-credential could be just what you need to elevate yourself in your respected industry. You can try out different subjects and get a taste of university degrees. They’re low cost, don’t take very long, and are super low risk. What’s not to like?