Career Helper Quiz – What Career best suits you?

Career Helper Quiz

In order to make some career recommendations, we need to learn a bit about your interests and personality.

The quiz takes 5-10 minutes to finish. On completion, you will be presented with some possible career paths as well as information on why we think
At work I prefer…..
Talking in front of a group of people is …
I prefer …
When no one else is leading the way …
Do you have or are you intending to get a degree?
Have you considered not going to college/university?
Do you prefer to sit or stand at work?
Do you prefer working outdoors most of the day?
Would you prefer to solve a computer problem, or organise an event?
Do you prefer physical, hands on work or theoretical/digital work?
Do you have Strong Math Skills?
Do you enjoy solving complex equations using calculus or other advanced math?
Do you have strong analytical thinking skills?
Do you currently possess or have a strong desire to obtain advanced skills in Excel, such as using Pivot Tables and VLOOKUP?
Do you have strong creative or business writing skills?
You have to write for 6 hrs a day. Is this a challenge or opportunity?
Do you have strong verbal communication skills?
Are you good at breaking down complicated situations into simple instructions that people can follow?
Do you strongly identify as someone who enjoys helping others?
Do you generally treat strangers as kindly as you would your friends?
Do you have strong research skills?
Do you possess the skills and tenacity to research a topic for days?
Do you enjoy learning new languages?
By yes, do you mean one new language... or several?
Are you normally a patient person?
Do people who ask a lot of questions get on your nerves?
Are you strongly visually creative?
Do you currently possess or have a strong desire to acquire skills relating to digital design? Eg. Adobe Suite, Video Editing Tools, etc.?
Do you have a persuasive personality?
Would you enjoy using it to convince potential clients to buy/use a product or service?
Do you take pleasure in managing your personal finances?
Does financial management of other businesses sound like something you'd enjoy?
Do you pay full price at the local market or haggle for a better price?
What about with expensive items such as a TV, or a car?
Do you enjoy watching TV shows or reading articles about scientific topics?
Did you enjoy subjects such as Chemistry, Physics and Biology in school?
Do you have strong computer skills?
Do you know, or have the desire to learn, how to code in multiple languages? (such as Java or C++)
Important Note: All Questions are required*