Jobs of the future

As children, we were all asked what we want to be when we grow up. We were told to consider doctors, lawyers, and businessmen; and many people do become doctors and lawyers. In modern times, 90% of people end up in jobs that didn’t exist when they were in school. According to the former American secretary of education Richard Riley, the top ten in-demand jobs of 2020, did not exist in 2005. New jobs are springing up all the time as the world moves forward. Someone who went to school in 1990 probably did not imagine becoming a web developer. 

What Jobs exist now that didn’t exist in the 90’s?

The first is a Digital Marketing Specialist. The marketing industry is one of many that has has seen phenomenal changes over the last 15 years, and it continues to develop. Ten years ago, most marketing was offline. The implementation of social media marketing and search engine marketing was non-existent. Now digital marketing is the main way to market and offline marketing has taken a secondary seat. 

15 years ago social media was in its infancy. Many social media applications were yet to be released including Facebook,Twitter, and LinkedIn. Of the adults using the internet, over three quarters are on social media of one form or another. Social Media brought with it new jobs like social media manager whose sole job is to manage companies social networks. This job has only recently been recognised in the last few years, but it has brought plenty of jobs to the digital industry. Many people wouldn’t have known what SEO stood for in 2005, and now it is one of the most important digital jobs. A Search Engine Optimisation specialist increases the search optimisation of websites and content. SEO specialists focus on improving your website and getting it on that desired first page of search results whilst also improving the searchability of your content so that it regularly shows up in keyword searches.

What Jobs Will Exist in the Future?

These jobs are the ones that have sprung up in the past decade. But what about the jobs of the future? The future is scary for everyone. Especially when a study published by Oxford University states that 47% of currently existing jobs will be automated in the next 15 years. The good news is that lots of new jobs will also come into existence as we move more towards relying on technology. Most of them don’t exist yet. Below are a few such jobs.

One of the first jobs is as an Augmented Reality Architect. As jobs are automated away, how do designing buildings and cityscapes change? Augmented reality is about finding interesting ways to implement virtual elements within real environments. It’s already being used to see what buildings will look like after construction. As AR advances, life could become a mix of both virtual and real elements. This could be anything from AR sculptures to functional integrations that provide us with new ways to interact with our world. And who would design all of this? An Augmented Reality Architect.

An AR journey builder is another job using augmented reality. An AR journey builder would collaborate with tech artists to create immersive 3d content that enhances users experiences of products and services. That basically means virtual tours and simulated interior design. This jobs is in the process of coming into existence with big companies like LJ Hooker and Ikea working on the tech required.

With all the new technological advances that will happen to this planet, an ethical Anker would need to be present. In comes the AI ethicist. They would advocate for the legal and ethical matters surrounding the creation and distribution of AI tech. If you’re as interested in philosophy as you are robots; this might be the job for you. In fact, Microsoft and Apple are looking for an AI ethicist right now.

One of the coolest parts of every movie set in the future is self-driving cars. Well, a self-driving car mechanic is a very real job of the future. It involves advanced software programming and data management. Is this something you’re interested in, Tesla is already hiring.

Or maybe your interests lie more toward the conservation side of the future, in which case, maybe a garbage designer is better suited. Their jobs are to deal with the worlds massive garbage problem by upcycling rubbish to create better quality items.

Besides these jobs, there are others that already exist but are becoming more and more popular. Jobs like healthcare navigator and financial wellness coach are there to assist people in everyday problems. A healthcare navigator assists families of patients undergoing lots of medical treatments by simplifying and processing their paperwork as well as explaining complicated medical information. And a financial wellness coach offers one on one coaching sessions to improve the financial health of their customers.

Nothing is set in stone when our society is progressing as fast as it is. As the jobs above show, it only takes decades to see a monumental change in so many industries and we should account for that in our jobs as well. What you study in school and sometimes even university may not end up being what your career path. New jobs are being created and others extinguished all the time.