Where can I get career advice?

No matter where you are located, chances are your city offers some kind of career advising resources.  But these days, you can also get great career advice without ever leaving your house!  Here are some excellent online career resources: 

  • Totaljobs
    Totaljobs is one of most popular job boards in the UK. It offers a course section where you can learn skills to advance your career and  a comprehensive advice section. Other great resources include job interview advice and elevator pitch tips.  
  • CV-Library
    CV-Library is the place to go if you want to build a great CV.  They also offer online courses via accredited universities and a comprehensive advice section.  
  • The Balance
    The Balance focuses primarily on financial matters, but still offers an abundance of career advice. It consistently ranks in the top 10 Google career advice searches. 
  • CareerBuilder
    CareerBuilder is a job search website with an excellent resource section for job seekers. 
  • Career Contessa
    Career Contessa is geared toward women in the corporate world. It addresses issues like the gender wage gap and provides specialized career advice for women.   
  • Ivy Exec
    Ivy Exec is a great resource for ambitious job seekers looking to land executive management jobs.   It includes a library of specialised articles, online courses, and a directory of companies in every industry.  
  • Fish4 Jobs
    Fish4 Jobs is primarily a resource for recruiters, but there’s some great resources for professionals as well.  One of the most popular features are a variety of specialised career webinars. 
  • Idealist Careers
    Idealist Careers is a resource for people interested in social-impact  professions.   find jobs that are socially impactful. They have a massive library of articles to help you to make positive changes in your career. 
  • LinkedIn
    LinkedIn offers a variety of career resources, but its biggest strength is as a networking platform – helping people network and stay connected with other professionals in their field. 
  • Milkround
    Milkround is a favorite amongst student and graduate websites in the UK. The advice they offer is tailored to the needs of new people entering the labour market, with lots of info on graduate employers and universities.
  • Monster
    Monster is a global leader in the professional world and its popular blog section is one of the best career resources out there.  
  • Reed
    Reed is the leading career website in the UK and has resources for both job seekers and recruiters.  Users can search for career openings in their field and sign up for courses to expand their skill set.  
  • The Muse
    The Muse, is a US-based site and features an excellent advice section with tips on everything from landing your first job to preparing for your retirement.  The site also focuses on company culture.  

CareerAddict is one of the most comprehensive career websites and offers a massive database of articles and videos  Users can also try some of their career tests and take advantage of their cv-writing service.