What careers involve travel?

Flight Attendant
This is one of the best jobs for people who want to travel.  Flight attendants will typically start out with domestic trips in their home country.  As they gain experience, however, they can do longer-haul flights and traverse the globe.

Cruise Ship Worker
Cruise ship jobs are another excellent way to see the world and interact with a variety of cultures and there a variety of jobs available: You can be a server in one of the restaurants, a technician, a cashier, or even a performer in one of the ship’s acts.

International Aid Worker
If changing the world for the better while you travel sounds good to you, you might want to consider working with one of the many international aid organizations (Peace Corps, Doctors without Borders, Red Cross, etc.).  Several of these organizations offer financial compensation and housing, and some offer other great perks like student loan deferment.

Consultants have exclusive knowledge in particular fields and are hired by companies to offer advice and to fix complex problems in their business.  A consultant can have clients all over the world, and often have to travel to meet with clients onsite. In short, if you want a job that takes you on the road, this is a winner.

English Teacher
Teaching English is one of the easiest ways to work in a foreign country.  To land an english teaching contract, you usually need to have a college degree and some prior teaching experience. Although some companies do require TEFOL or equivalent certification, many companies will accept working as a tutor, aide, or study leader as sufficient experience.

Au Pair
Au Pair positions are one of the easiest travel jobs to land with little to no experience, and you can find these jobs all over the world.   If you’re reliable and good with children this can be your ticket to some of the most exciting global destinations. Au pairs live with a host family in exchange for childcare.  While some au pairs only receive room and board, many receive additional compensation.  Host families often bring their au pair along on family vacations and, depending on the family, this can take you to some pretty exotic locations.

Tour Guide
As a tour guide, you can travel the world and share your passion for exploring new places with other travellers on vacation. Landing a job as a tour guide is a bit more of a time investment, as you need to live somewhere and get to know it very well yourself before becoming a successful guide.  You also should feel comfortable managing large groups of people.

Thanks to technology, it’s now possible to offer many health services online, and the pandemic has made telemedicine more in demand than ever.  In many countries, doctors and nurses can even prescribe medicine online.  Another option is travel nursing.  Once you complete your initial training, you can choose your own adventure and work wherever you like!  Finally, there are a plethora of opportunities for online psychology and counselling positions – allowing you to set up shop anywhere in the world.

Travelling writing is one of the most accessible jobs for people looking to see the world. Travel writers cover popular new destinations and explore off-the-beaten-path locations as well.  You can apply for a travel writer position with one of the major publications, or go start up your own travel blog – sharing your adventures while earning money through affiliate links on your blog and as a brand ambassador.