What careers are best for introverts?

Introverts thrive in careers that offer them plenty of space and independence.  They tend to be extremely self-reliant, and typically enjoy jobs where they aren’t required to put much energy into social interaction.  Below are some of the best options for introverted jobseekers:

Accountants spend most of their time documenting financial transactions and analyzing financial data, so you won’t need an outgoing nature to do this job.  It is an ideal fit for people who love crunching numbers and prefer working alone.

A career in architecture is another excellent option for the highly introverted. Although architects do have to meet and consult with their clients, the bulk of their time is spent working independently on building planning and design.

Artist / Graphic Designer
No matter what type of artist you are, you probably spend long periods of time alone developing your craft — perfect for imaginative introverts.

Editors have the last word before things like books, newspapers, or periodicals go to print. As they spend the bulk of their time analyzing texts, grammar and literature-loving introverts will enjoy this kind of job.

The work of an engineer is very similar to that of an architect:  They develop plans to build machines and systems instead of buildings.  So, they also do the bulk of their work alone.  This in-demand profession can be particularly rewarding and satisfying for introverts.

IT Specialist / Manager
Information technology (IT) jobs don’t require an outgoing personality, you just need to possess a passion for computers and information systems.

Libraries are quiet places, so it makes sense that this profession would attract introverts.  A 1992 study found that almost two-thirds of librarians who took the Myers-Briggs personality test fell into the introverted category.

Paralegals help attorneys stay organized. They do a lot of background research and brief preparation.  If you are interested in the field of law, but would rather not have to make an oral argument before a judge or interact with clients, a career as a paralegal might be a perfect fit for you.

Psychologist / Psychiatrist
While both these professions require interactions with clients and patients, they involve listening deeply and empathizing with their patients’ challenges. This is something that often comes quite naturally to introverts, who are often caring and sensitive individuals.  Furthermore, it typically involves one on one interactions – something introverts tend to prefer.

Social interaction is not generally a job requirement for scientists, and introverts tend to thrive in scientific fields. In fact, one of the most famous scientists, Albert Einstein, was a well known introvert.  Scientists often work independently and spend much of their days conducting research in a particular field.

Technical Writer
Technical writers produce instructional and technical manuals and how-to guides.  So, being able to work alone is a must for this job.

No matter which kind of writing you choose, it’s a great career choice for introverts. As writers prefer to express themselves through the written word,  it’s a craft best pursued alone – making it appealing to independent types.