What are the top 10 careers?

Money isn’t the only consideration when determining the top 10 careers.  Choosing a career with strong job growth projections ensures you will always be in demand.  Here are some of the top global careers based on a combination of salary potential and industry job growth:

1. Actuary
This is a dream job for maths lovers. Actuaries make complex calculations to ascertain the likelihood of various outcomes.  Helping insurance companies assess risk is just one of the many functions of their work.  This career requires a university degree and certification. Pay for actuaries averaged $108,350 in 2019 and an 18% job growth is projected through 2029.

2. Human Resource Specialist
Human resource specialists are always in demand and their earnings average around $57,000. They recruit, hire, conduct new employee orientation, and manage payroll, benefits and training for employees. The BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics) projects job growth for human resource specialists at 6% through 2029 – which is faster than the average growth for all occupations.

3. Market Research Analyst
Market research analysts work in several industries. They research and gather data to help a company market its products or services.  Salaries are strong: They are currently averaging $63,790 with an industry growth potential of 18% through 2029, according to the BLS.

4. Epidemiologist
Epidemiologists study diseases within populations and work to treat diseases and prevent outbreaks.  The job requires at least a master’s degree (preferably a Ph.D.) and the pay is good: They currently earn an average salary of $70,990 with the in-demand field growing at 5% through 2029, according to the BLS.

5. Occupational Therapist
Occupational therapists help patients heal from injuries and overcome disabilities so that they can return to a normal life. They can establish their own practice, or work in nursing homes and hospitals.  You need a master’s degree to enter this field, but the current average pay ($84,950) is good and the BLS predicts these jobs will continue to grow at a robust 16%.

6. Software Developer
Software developers assess their clients’ needs, and design and develop software to meet those needs. The current average pay is $107.510 and the BLS projects job growth at 22%.

7. Diagnostic Medical Sonographer
Diagnostic medical sonographers, cardiovascular technologists, and vascular technologists operate special imaging equipment to create images or to conduct tests.  They earn an average of $68,750 and should see a 12% growth rate over the next decade.

8. Interpreters and Translators
As more companies engage in international trade, the demand for interpreters who speak multiple languages and translators who can write in multiple languages will grow by 20%. They require a college degree and language proficiency.  Salaries are $51,830 on average.

9. Pharmacist
With an ageing population that is living longer, the demand for prescription medicine and pharmacists will increase accordingly. Pharmacists need a doctor of pharmacy degree and licensing in their respective states to practice in this field. The average salary is $128.090.

10. Computer Systems Analyst
Computer systems analysts determine the IT needs for their employers, research new technologies, configure systems and oversee equipment installation.  Computer systems analysts earn an average $90,920, and the growth in demand for these positions should run at a strong 7%through 2029, according to the BLS.