How to Become a Marketing Manager

Marketing Manager

A marketing manager oversees all of the marketing activities of a company. They typically manage a small team, but also have a hands-on role with the advertising of products and brands.

Marketing is the umbrella term for the advertising of products, brands and services across platforms. A marketing manager is in charge of all of this; they both supervise a team and delegate tasks to them, and have a hands-on role with many of the campaigns. 

A marketing manager job description includes many different things, including: 

  • Making marketing strategies and plans and working out how they will be implemented. 
  • Managing the marketing team, which will involve everything from interviewing to delegating work and assessing employee progress. 
  • Creating promotional material and campaigns.
  • Analysing the performance of campaigns across different platforms in the digital world, on TV, and in print. 
  • Working out expenditures and budgets.
  • Networking with relevant companies and collaborating. 
  • Attending conferences and events, including event marketing.
  • Doing market research. 

To become a successful marketing manager, certain qualifications and skills are necessary. Most people working in this field are graduates in business, marketing, or advertising, although it is certainly possible to get into this field without a degree. People typically begin at entry level marketing positions and move up as their experience progresses; before becoming a marketing manager, candidates often take further marketing qualifications to boost their career. From being a marketing manager, there is also the opportunity to progress to a marketing director role.

Marketing managers are expected to have ‘T’ shaped skills; while they can specialise in a certain field, they should also have a broad knowledge of other areas. Topics which they should acquire knowledge about include: SEO, outreach, branding, digital advertising, print marketing and TV advertising. They should also be ambitious, confident, great at leadership and communication across the board.

Marketing managers typically enjoy a good salary, especially as they progress and can become shareholders in the company. The job is in demand, so it is relatively easy to get onto this career ladder.

What degree is most commonly held by a Marketing Manager?

  • BA / M of Marketing
  • MBA Business Administration and Management, General
  • BA / M of Communication and Media Studies
  • Diploma of Digital Marketing
  • BA / M of Graphic Design
  • BA / M of International Business
  • BA / M of Journalism
  • BA / M of Psychology
  • BA / M of International Marketing
  • BA / M of Communications
  • BA / M of Business Management

Career Transportability across Countries

Marketing managers often have the opportunity to travel, especially if they work with brands that have an international target market. To get posted abroad, marketing managers would typically need to be already working with an international company who might need someone in their position for a different region. Local language and cultural knowledge would be a plus when applying to move to a different country.

What is the Salary of a Marketing Manager?

Experience Average salary | year
Junior marketing Manager 1-2 years $80,000 £41,115 $75,000
Senior Marketing Manager 3-5 years $105,000 £60,303 $110,000
Chief Marketing Officer / VP Marketing 5+ Years $140,000 £95,896 $175,000

What skills are needed to become a Marketing Manager?

  • Marketing
  • Digital / Online Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Microsoft Office
  • Management
  • Customer Service
  • Email / Automated Marketing
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Advertising
  • Marketing Communications
  • Project Management
  • Leadership
  • Public Relations
  • Event Management
  • Event Planning
  • Sales
  • Microsoft Word
  • Teamwork
  • Google Analytics
  • Time Management
  • SEO
  • Public Speaking
  • PowerPoint

Marketing Manager Courses

As marketing managers are expected to have both broad and deep knowledge, courses in anything about marketing would be beneficial to the role. A course in global marketing would be particularly beneficial to someone looking to work abroad, whereas learning about social media marketing and marketing analysis would be useful for all marketing employees.
  • Digital Skills: Digital Marketing

    Learn about some of the different digital marketing strategies and techniques that are available for businesses to use

  • Global Marketing: A Definition

    Get an introduction to global marketing and explore how globalisation has caused organisations to change their marketing focus

  • Create a Social Media Marketing Campaign

    Learn to plan and launch a successful social media marketing campaign with the Institute of Coding and the University of Leeds

  • Digital Marketing: Challenges and Insights

    Go beyond the hype and explore the latest trends in digital marketing and understand their implications to your work

  • Online Business: Digital Marketing for Success

    Understand how digital marketing can help your startup with one of four courses in the Online Business Success program

  • Marketing Analytics

    Learn the basics of marketing analytics and understand how to use data to ensure your marketing is effective

  • Business Fundamentals: Customer Engagement

    Learn how to design business and marketing activities to engage customers through relationships instead of one-off sales

  • Social Change: How Can Marketing Help?

    Learn how marketing can be used to improve healthcare protect the environment and overcome social problems

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