How to Become an Advertising Manager

Advertising Manager

Advertising managers plan and direct advertising campaigns. They work closely with a team of other professionals to ensure that the campaigns are persuasive and attention-grabbing. They also assess their performance post-launch and use their experience for future campaigns.

Advertising managers plan, direct, and finalise advertising campaigns. They may work with billboard companies to create a visual advert, or create a television advert. Advertising managers work with other professionals to think of a concept, plan the idea and execute the advertisement. 

Their exact role depends on the size of their organisation. If they work for a larger company, they may have a mainly managerial position, overseeing a team of advertising assistants. 

The primary duties of an advertising manager include: 

  • Planning the advertisement, considering what media to use, the tone of the advertisement, and initial ideas for it. 
  • Contacting the media suppliers and negotiating the advertising contracts. 
  • Preparing advertising budgets.
  • Creating detailed plans for the advert. 
  • Doing market research for the advert.
  • Overseeing the execution of the advert. 
  • Reviewing and giving campaigns the final stamp of approval.
  • Assessing its success and writing reports to be referred to in future adverts.
  • Overseeing special promotions to gather interest in their campaign. 

Many vacancies for advertising managers require a bachelor’s degree in a relevant subject. The most appropriate disciplines are advertising, marketing, and journalism, but English, business or foreign languages are also suitable. If the candidate does not have a relevant degree, they could consider taking a postgraduate qualification in advertising. 

Alternatively, candidates could start in a junior role, such as an advertising assistant or a junior copywriter, and work their way up. They may be able to acquire a country-specific advertising certification while working. 

There are several skills that advertising managers must exhibit. These include knowledge of sales and marketing, professional use of English grammar and writing conventions, and an expert understanding of the use of advertising software and business management. 

Candidates should be creative, as they will often need to come up with unique ways to grab their audience’s attention. They should have a good awareness of market trends so that they can create relevant advertisements. They should also have a strong understanding of how marketing changes with technology. 

Advertising managers should be decisive, as they will often have the last say on various campaigns. They must have analytical skills, as they will need to analyse the market and find an advertisement solution that will persuade them to use the product or services. 

Advertising managers should have solutions to problematic situations, which may come up frequently in their line of work. As they will often be working to meet deadlines, they should exhibit time management and organisational skills. 

Interpersonal skills are also necessary, as advertising managers will need to market their skills to brands and work with a team. They will need to accurately lay out their plans and concepts and persuade people to work with them. 

Advertising managers will generally work in an advertising agency or an organisation that frequently advertises. The role is generally office based, although some travel to meet clients is necessary. Some advertising managers work as contractors. 

This is a high-pressure role, as many companies spend a lot of money on advertising campaigns, and the main weight of their success is on the advertising manager. Professionals in this position should be able to demonstrate their skills and be confident in what they do.

What degree is most commonly held by an Advertising Manager ?

  • Bachelor of Information Technology
  • Bachelor's Degree of Business,Management, and Related Studies
  • Bachelor of Science, Physics and Chemistry
  • Bachelors Degree of Marketing/HRM

Career Transportability across Countries

Transportability: Medium
While most adverts target the domestic market, there is some scope for international jobs as well. Some multinational businesses may hire experts from around the world to advertise in different companies, using the knowledge that they have gained from previous campaigns. Candidates wanting to work in another country would be advised to initially gain as much expertise in their local market as possible before approaching vacancies.

What is the Salary of an Advertising Manager ?

Experience Average salary | year
Promotions Manager 1-3 yrs $40,000 £34,000 $47,010
Advertising Manager 3-5 yrs $64,000 £40,000 $ 55,305
Director of Advertising 5-10 yrs $96,000 £67500 $60829

What skills are needed to become an Advertising Manager ?

  • Advertising
  • Marketing
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Social Media
  • Digital Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Online Advertising
  • Marketing Communications
  • Management
  • Sales
  • Account Management
  • Online Marketing
  • Customer Service
  • Digital Media
  • Email Marketing
  • Microsoft Office
  • New Business Development
  • Leadership
  • Business Development
  • Public Relations
  • Advertising Sales
  • Digital Strategy
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Event Management
  • Copywriting

Advertising Manager Courses

Candidates who are wanting to become an advertising manager should have as much expertise as possible in their field. While they are advancing up the career ladder, it is recommended that they take some relevant courses. At FutureLearn, we have plenty of advertising courses that will give candidates a kick start to their career.
  • Introduction to Strategic Brand Management with Advertising Week

    Build practical skills in brand management and discover the importance of effective brand strategy and image

  • Introduction to Marketing Strategy with Advertising Week

    Build your professional skills in strategic marketing and discover effective marketing campaign planning processes and techniques

  • Digital Skills: Digital Marketing

    Learn about some of the different digital marketing strategies and techniques that are available for businesses to use

  • Consumer Behaviour and Psychology

    Learn about the origins of consumer psychology and examine how consumer behaviour can be influenced by a range of factors

  • Pop Art

    Discover a new side to the colourful history of Pop Art alongside experts at the world-famous Centre Pompidou

  • Introduction to Audio Marketing Strategy: From Podcast to Radio Ads with Advertising Week

    Learn how to plan and create effective audio marketing content and campaigns for podcasts radio advertising and more

  • Introduction to Content Marketing Strategy with Advertising Week

    Discover content creation for marketing and create a strong content strategy that aligns with your organisations marketing goals

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