How to become a Recruiter


A recruiter works within an agency to find people careers and help them succeed in the initial stages. A recruiter’s role will include assessing job descriptions, sourcing the best person for the job and arranging interviews.

  1. A recruiter acts as the mediator between people seeking employment and businesses looking for employers. They arrange the employment process, help candidates negotiate pay and other work variables, and provide support to both the hired candidate and company during the contracted probationary period.

Many recruiters have some sort of specialism. These include: 

  • Industry specialists – recruiters working in specialised fields will have personal knowledge and experience of said industry, giving them a deeper understanding of their clients’ needs.
  • Overseas recruiters – professionals in this type of recruitment focus on hiring people from different countries. They will need to have good cultural awareness and their job will likely involve helping the employee settle down into their new role.
  • Risk and compliance – recruiters in this area will need to be financial experts and will help businesses find banking staff.
  • Human resources – specialised teams will work to find suitable candidates for HR roles.

Recruiters should have excellent people skills and be fantastic negotiators. They need to make savvy business decisions and be prepared to gather a deep understanding of particular industries in order to become an expert. Being a recruiter can be stressful; so having the ability to manage uncertainty is crucial.

Most people working in recruitment are graduates with business, sales, or marketing degrees. They will work as general recruiters, often on a graduate scheme, and then choose a specialism later in their career. However, it is possible to get into the industry with no higher education.

Non-graduates who are wondering how to become a recruiter could begin their career as through apprenticeships and work experience, as well as proving themselves to have the necessary skills required to be a recruiter, such as customer service. Taking extra relevant sales courses is also beneficial. 

Working as a recruiter has many perks, including generally enjoying great pay as they progress through the career ladder, as well as fantastic bonuses that are possible to acquire each month.

What degree is most commonly held by a Recruiter?

  • BA of Psychology
  • MBA
  • BA of Human Resources Management
  • BA of Economics
  • BA of Law
  • BA of Sociology
  • BA of Business Management
  • BA of Computer Science
  • BA of History

Career Transportability across Countries

Recruiters must have a specific understanding of the general public in the area that they are working; therefore, it is easiest for candidates to work and be hired in their native country. However, industry specialists who have a fantastic sales record may find that there are vacancies available to become a recruiter abroad. International companies with bases in culturally similar countries will be more likely to hire overseas recruiters.

What is the Salary of a Recruiter?

ExperienceAverage salary | year
Recruitment Consultant1-2 Years$65,000£38,420$69,990
Recruitment Manager3-5 Years$100,000£50,777$92,500
Recruitment Business Partner5+ Years$130,000£54,894$100,000

What skills are needed to become a Recruiter?

  • Management
  • Recruiting
  • Sourcing
  • Technical Recruiting
  • Human Resources
  • Recruiting
  • Leadership
  • Executive Search
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Contract Recruitment
  • Interviews
  • Sales
  • Customer Service
  • Talent Management
  • Interviewing
  • Business Development
  • Recruitment Advertising
  • Microsoft Office
  • Account Management
  • Social Media
  • Training
  • Screening Resumes
  • Consulting
  • Permanent Placement
  • Time Management

Recruiter Courses

When choosing a course to assist you to become a headhunter or recruiter, it would help to niche down into exactly what part of recruitment that you would want to get involved in. It would also be beneficial to do some general business courses, to brush up on key skills.
How to become a Recruiter
If you have a relevant degree and are wondering how to become a recruiter, the best way is by enrolling on a graduate scheme, which are very popular for university finishers. Relevant degrees might include business, sales or marketing. If you have not recently graduated, or do not have a degree, you could consider taking some kind of sales course before applying for jobs. Any work experience in sales or customer service - as customer care is of tantamount importance in recruitment - would make your application stand out.

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