Why a Microcredential?

In a society that is constantly changing, we sometimes find ourselves falling behind, or becoming dispensable at our jobs. Not having job stability in times like these is scary enough, but if you have nothing to make you stand out, finding a new job is just as daunting. One way to make your CV stand… Read More »

The Importance of Ongoing Education

The workplace of today is forever changing. The world is in a transient state, industries are constantly changing as we move forward and nothing is set in stone. Ongoing education is the self-motivated acquiring of knowledge in order to expand your skills, and develop for future opportunities. It allows both professional and personal development, enabling… Read More »

Jobs of the future

As children, we were all asked what we want to be when we grow up. We were told to consider doctors, lawyers, and businessmen; and many people do become doctors and lawyers. In modern times, 90% of people end up in jobs that didn’t exist when they were in school. According to the former American… Read More »

10 Things To Do When Furlough Ends

  The world has changed since the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak. Shops have closed, social gatherings minimised, and many people have lost their jobs. For many of us, furlough was a saving grace, providing us with some money in such uncertain times. And now furlough is ending, and everything is uncertain again.  Your plans… Read More »

Australia’s Immigration programme suspended, what now?

Australia’s History with Immigration Australia as we know it is a country built on immigration. The first European Australians migrated to Australia from the UK, as Britain emptied its overcrowded prisons. Over 160,000 prisoners were shipped over to Australia and became the basis of what we know now as Australians. Immigration of any other kind… Read More »

Australia facing a post COVID-19 Skills Shortage ( And Unskilled)

 In early June, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said he wanted to overhaul the skills workforce to ensure a better post-COVID recovery. The issue with this is that there may not be enough people with the necessary skills to do so. Australia often relies on skilled migrants for many of the infrastructure-related jobs, and now… Read More »

Australia’s Vanishing Overseas Students, A Dilemma

  Before the Pandemic, International students took up 25% of the university population in Australia. As the pandemic became more severe, the international students have returned home, and probably will not return any time soon. To combat the coronavirus, Australia has shut its borders, and they may not open until the pandemic has ended. Australian… Read More »

When Life Gives You Lemons (to pick) Make Lemonade

Without seasonal workers, will Australia be able to complete their harvest this year? Agriculture is one of Australia’s most important industries, and every year around 40,000 people are required to make the harvest. Thirty-two thousand were backpackers completing the necessary amount of farm work hours needed to stay another year in Australia. Now amidst this… Read More »

What do you do? “I’m a progammer” she said

For young women, the idea of breaking into the programming industry can be daunting. Imposter syndrome is real, perhaps a symptom of bro gamer, boys do tech better culture. “What do you do?” “I’m a programmer” may well be met by an “Oh Really!” when the answer comes from a man, but regrettably chances are… Read More »